Diversity Recruiting Support

After spending the last 3 years working to recruit diverse talent for companies like Macy’s, Dollar General, and Eventbrite we have come to the conclusion that it is best to bring awareness to our client’s company brand, teams, and culture if we want to attract qualified candidates and fill roles quickly.

Does your team have the time to promote your open roles in Facebook, Linkedin, Slack, and Groupme groups, all specific to your ideal demographic? What about creating TikToks, IG reels, or hosting Linkedin Live, and Twitter spaces to promote your roles? Well, we do! Content is just one of the ways we are dedicated to helping you fill your roles.

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Our Diversity Recruiting Services

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Diversity Recruitment Internal Support

Are you a startup or emerging company that’s just starting to build your team or doesn’t yet have a recruiting team and need support? Our Internal Support provides just that, we will work with your leadership team to develop your recruiting strategy and partner with you to fill your open roles and staff your team as needed.

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Diversity Recruitment External Support
Do you have a recruiting team that understands the importance of diversity recruiting and have put some plans into action but are still struggling to attract diverse talent? With our External Support, we become an extension of your current recruiting team working alongside them to advertise, promote, and fill your open roles.
Our Diversity Recruiting Process
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First, we get on what diversity means to your company. Diversity can mean many things to different companies so that’s where we start to ensure we implement the appropriate strategies.

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Once we understand the ideal candidates you want to hire we ensure there is alignment and clear goals from HR to the hiring team and interviewers for a more equitable candidate experience.
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Lastly, we provide a custom recruitment plan specific to your needs and the goals we set. Partnering with your internal team or working as your internal team to source, promote, and fill your roles.

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Attracting Diverse Talent: Employee Review Boards

Maintaining an excellent employer brand is possible despite some negative feedback on employee review boards. 86% of employees and job-seekers use employer review sites to investigate companies before deciding where to apply. Download our guide today!