3 Ways to Connect to Diverse Talent in the Application Process

For many companies, it can be a struggle to attract talented, diverse job-seekers to apply. Even with diversity initiatives in place, there still seems to be a lack of interest from diverse candidates. It can even be difficult to motivate candidates to complete the application process if they do get started. The struggle to attract diverse job-seekers often confuses companies, and they don’t know how to improve their prospects.

Read on to learn the 3 ways to connect to diverse talent during the application process!

Why Simplifying Your Application Process is Beneficial for Your Organization

A simple, streamlined application process has several benefits: applicants are more likely to complete the process and schedule an interview, the open position is filled faster, and applicants start their hiring process with a positive impression of the company. Since the application process is the gateway to attracting talented job-seekers, a positive application experience is a great way to widen the reach to include more diverse candidates.

Best Practices for Solving the Problem

#1 Make the application process short, simple, and easy to understand.

No matter the candidate, a complex application process can be a deterrent! If your application itself is long and arduous, there’s a good chance that you’re not attracting talented and diverse candidates simply because it’s not convenient to apply.

When given the option between filling out a long and possibly repetitive application versus filling out several short and easy applications, candidates will typically go for the simple ones.

Likewise, if there are too many steps in your application process, or if you don’t make it clear what the application process will entail upfront, you’re unlikely to retain many candidates throughout the entire process.

Streamlining your application process – whether done by hand or automation – to be uncomplicated and simple for job-seekers will go a long way in improving your reach.

#2 Keep communication open.

Once a job-seeker starts the application process, open up the conversation. Neglecting to initiate contact is a missed opportunity to connect to the candidate and keep them around longer.

Be available for questions that come up during the process.

Intentional communication is also a great way to retain applicants. For example, during the application process, if you realize that a candidate would not be a good fit for the role they’re applying for, try redirecting them to another open position that they might excel in. If there are no open roles they’d be suited for, maintain a relationship via LinkedIn or a similar platform.

This is a great way to personalize the application experience as well as retain diverse and talented applicants.

#3 Encourage referrals from current employees.

If attracting diversity is a struggle, your current diverse employees might already know the perfect diverse candidate for your open position. Adding a referral option to your application process would be a great way to attract diverse talent. In order to keep the referrals fair and unbiased, automate the referral process. Your employees are often your best asset when it comes to encouraging others to apply!

In order to create an inclusive and diverse workplace, it’s essential that you create opportunities with a simplified application process. Regularly auditing your processes will help you attract the top diverse talent that you seek. Our guide, “Connecting to Diverse Talent: Application Process”, will walk you through the process of how to do just that. It’s easy to do, and you can get started today! So what are you waiting for? Download our Guide today! Happy recruiting!

3 Ways to Improving Your Application Process To Connect with Diverse Talent

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