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Have you tried everything you know of to identify and hire diverse candidates?

Are you attracting diverse talent but they’re not getting hired?

Have you hired diverse talent in the last year or two and they’ve already resigned?

If you have answered Yes to any of these questions we have designed a training that will help you get over the hump of diversity recruiting and get you attracting, hiring and retain talent.

Cultural Avid

Our Company Trainings

Cultural Avid

Proactive Solutions For Attracting Your Ideal Candidates

In this training, we’re going to teach you what we’ve learned over the last three years. We’ll walk you through actually determining who your ideal candidates are, how to find them, and how to get them interested in your company.

Poor Candidate Experience

Redesigning A More Engaging Candidate Journey

With this training, we’re going to walk you through evaluating your current candidate experience to identify where you are losing talent and provide strategies to stop the leaking talent pipeline and create a more engaging candidate experience.

Cultural Avid

Assessing Your Company Culture to Retain Diverse Hires

With this training, we’re going to walk you through assessing your company culture through your current employees and provide actionable strategies and recommendations that will help you retain your diverse hires.

Poor Candidate Experience

Recruiting Strategies to Hire More Diverse Talent

To recruit the best diverse talent it then it will require you have a well thought out plan. In this training, we will walk you through some of our best practices for creating a diversity recruiting strategy to attract top talent.

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Attracting Diverse Talent: Social Media Guide

Strategic employer branding via social media can position a brand as authentic, genuine, and diverse, which attracts diverse talent organically.