4 Steps to Attracting Diverse Talent By Improving Your Company’s Social Media

There’s no question that social media is a powerful tool for communicating with potential customers and clients. But what about using social media to attract diverse talent? In this step-by-step blog post, we’ll show you how to use social media to reach a wider range of talented candidates. By following these tips, you can connect with top talent from all walks of life. 

Read on to learn how to improve your social media to attract more diverse talent and actually get them to apply for your open jobs.

Social media is an underutilized resource for showcasing companies’ DEI programs and initiatives. If potential candidates do not see themselves reflected in social media campaigns, they are less likely to apply. Many companies are losing out on talented, diverse employees because of a generic social media presence that lacks transparency and diversity.

But there is something you can do.

If used intentionally, social media has the capability to attract diverse, talented professionals from a wide pool of applicants. The majority of today’s job-seekers use social media to research companies they’re interested in, so online presence is a unique opportunity to display what it’s like to work for a company. Employer branding, which is a company’s perceived reputation by customers and potential employees, has the power to make a business desirable to job-seekers. Strategic employer branding via social media can position a brand as authentic, genuine, and diverse, which attracts diverse talent organically.

Best Practices for attracting more diverse talent through your company’s social media.

1. Showcase day-to-day operations in a creative way. Social media offers a unique approach to showing off day-to-day happenings at your company. Don’t be afraid to share typical office tasks, and don’t shy away from funny break room moments. Daily moments are what job-seekers are curious about, and seeing the office in action often is the “push” candidates need to apply. Aim to share genuine content without curating too much, but be intentional about showcasing daily events that highlight what your company is really about. Purposeful posts will strengthen your employer brand in the eyes of viewers.

2. Schedule employee account takeovers. Let one employee be the star of your social media account for a day! Your employee can share details about their role in the company, their personal daily tasks, and what it’s like to work for your company. The benefit of an employee account takeover is twofold: first, it allows potential candidates to see your company’s internal workings from an employee’s point of view, which is statistically more compelling than an executive’s viewpoint. Second, it allows you to showcase diversity in a real, authentic way. Your current diverse employees who love what they do are your best assets to attracting new diverse talent.

3. Share exciting news, statistics, and interesting facts. Using social media as a way to communicate exciting wins for your company, share statistics about how your company makes an impact, and promote fun facts about your company and employees is a simple way to connect with potential candidates. If done in a fun and engaging way, sharing about your company’s wins and impacts via social media can elevate your employer brand. Potential employees can see and connect with what the company is doing to make a difference.

4. Engage with your audience as well as other companies and brands you align with. One crucial element of social media is the “social” aspect! If you have a beautiful, diverse social media page but never interact with your audience, you’re missing out on an opportunity to help job-seekers feel that they’re already connected to your company. Responding to comments and questions gives your social media page a dynamic “voice,” which further shapes your employer brand.

Another way to shape your brand on social media is to like, follow, comment on, or share material from brands whose mission and values align with yours. When done intentionally and genuinely, this is an excellent way to highlight your commitment to diversity. Companies that are already known for their DEI initiatives are constantly putting out content promoting diversity. Comment or share to visually align yourself with their mission. Job-seekers will notice and take note!

So what can you do to make sure your company’s social media is set up for success? Check out our latest guide, “Attracting Diverse Talent: Social Media Guide” for tips on how to make your social media is more welcoming and inclusive for everyone. The guide covers the essential first steps toward making your company’s social media more inclusive. Click here to download the guide today and start making a positive impression on potential customers, partners, and employees!

4 Steps to Improving Your Social Presence to Attract Diverse Talent

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