ACR Audit

You’re hitting a roadblock with diversity hiring, you aren’t finding the right candidates or diverse candidates are applying but they’re not making it through the hiring process, or worst of all, they are hired but don’t stay long and you have to start the process all over again. At Cultural Avid, we understand that there is currently a fight for talent in all industries and departments. If you want to get ahead of the competition you will need to think outside the box. You need to be proactive and not reactive. We help you do that with our ACR Audit.

The Challenges You Face

Dead End Sourcing
Dead End Sourcing

Diverse candidates are not applying to your open roles and you’re spending lots of time and resources trying to figure out where and how to attract diverse talent.

Poor Candidate Experience
Poor Candidate Experience
Diverse candidates are applying for your role but they’re getting lost in your application and interview process and not being properly nurtured.
High Turnover
High Turnover
Diverse candidates are hired but they leave soon after because they don’t fit into the company culture or lack thereof. Now you have to start the cycle all over again.
This Is How We Help You Fix It!
Our ACR Audit tackles unseen challenges with your employer brand and your candidate’s experience delivering strategies and best practices to ultimately make you a more attractive company for diverse talent. We take it a step further to evaluate your current company culture and work environment to determine if diverse candidates will feel welcome and thrive professionally at your company.

Our ACR Process

Attract Diverse Talent
We take an external look at why diverse candidates aren’t applying to your open roles. Analyzing your employer brand with your ideal candidates to determine if you would be an employer of choice.
Convert Diverse Talent
We evaluate your candidate experience with applicants and employees that have recently gone through the process. Analyzing their feedback on the experience to determine strategies for improvement.
Retain Diverse Talent
We evaluate your current company culture, work environment, and current employees experiences at work to identify why diverse talent is leaving and if diverse talent can thrive in your place of work.

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Attracting Diverse Talent: Website Guide

The top thing candidates want to know about a company is information on their culture and values. 59% of job candidates visit a company’s website when they see a position of interest