Working with you to develop strategies that create more authentic and inclusive recruitment and hiring practices.

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Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining diverse talent…

At Cultural Avid, we support start-ups and emerging companies by assisting in developing employer marketing and recruiting strategies and providing Talent Acquisition Management support. We equip small teams with the necessary tools to succeed from the very first hire, creating a more impactful company culture.

Success to us is helping companies better understand the diverse people they want to attract and not only understand them but relate to their experiences, interest, and values.

Many companies have made the commitment to hire more diverse talent but are still struggling to either attract them, get them through the hiring process, or retain them once hired and they can’t figure out what the problem is.

Cultural Avid Knows!

So we equip your team with the necessary tools and resources to discover and improve inefficient hiring and recruiting practices. This will allow you to better attract, hire and retain more diverse talent because everyone deserves to work somewhere they are valued and respected.

How We Support You

Cultural Avid ACR Audit

Employer Marketing Strategy Development

We work with you to develop the right marketing mix for your company to attract the right employees to your growing business.

Recruiting Strategy Development

We work with you to develop a customized recruiting strategy to fit your phase of growth and equip your team to excel.

Fractional Talent Acquisition Management

We provide the support you need to attract and hire qualified talent for your open roles, whether it’s your first or fifteenth hire.

Diversity hiring and retention don’t have to be hard.

Cultural Avid can provide you with the research, data, strategies, and best practices you need to improve diversity in your company and hit your goals.

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